Proven hereditary angioedema (HAE) attack prevention in the palm of your hand

ORLADEYO® provides meaningful HAE attack prevention

In a 3-part study of 120 adolescents and adults with HAE, 40 were given ORLADEYO 150 mg, 41 were given ORLADEYO 110 mg, and 39 were given placebo.

Among 21 people who took ORLADEYO 150 mg for a total of 24 months, their average number of attacks per month dropped considerably.a

Continued attack rate reduction over 2 years

More than half of people had zero HAE attacks in 16 of the last 17 months of treatment with ORLADEYO®

aBased on data from an ad-hoc analysis of interim data (the trial investigators explored this trend after the trial was designed and before the final data analysis).
bAt 24 months, average attack rate was lowered by 86% compared with pretreatment for the 21 people who completed the full 24 months of treatment with ORLADEYO 150 mg.

The use of rescue therapy was cut by more than half, in people taking ORLADEYO® vs a placebo

cBased on data from an ad hoc analysis of the first 6 months of the study (part 1).